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H2020 - AEGIS Grant

HYPERTECH Energy Labs have been awarded a new R&D contract from the European Commission (Project Acronym: AEGIS) focusing on the the introduction of innovative big data technologies and solutions in critical domain sectors for public safety and personal security. Hypertech Energy Labs constitute a leading member of an international consortium of renowned academic and industrial partners, led by Fraunhofer FOKUS and actively involving GFT Italia and HDI Assicurazioni (Italy), KTH (Sweden), UBITECH (Cyprus), VIF (Austria), NTUA (Greece), EPFL (Switzerland) and Suite5 (United Kingdom).
January 02, 2017, 03:36 PM

AEGIS, brings together the data, the network & the technologies to create a curated, semantically enhanced, interlinked & multilingual repository for public & personal safety-related big data. It delivers a data-driven innovation that expands over multiple business sectors & takes into consideration structured, unstructured & multilingual datasets, rejuvenates existing models and facilitates organisations in the Public Safety & Personal Security linked sectors to provide better & personalised services to their users.

AEGIS will introduce new business models through the breed of an open ecosystem of innovation & data sharing principles. From the technology perspective, AEGIS targets to revolutionise semantic technologies in big data, big data analytics & visualisations as well as security & privacy frameworks by addressing current challenges & requirements of cross-domain & multilingual applications. The main benefits derived from AEGIS to data identification, collection, harmonisation, storage & utilisation towards value generation for these sectors will be:
  • Unified representation of knowledge;
  • Accelerated, more effective & value-packed cycles of intelligence extraction and services & applications development;
  • Introduction of novel business models for the data sharing economy & establishment of AEGIS as a prominent big data hub, utilising cryptocurrency algorithms to validate transactions & handle effectively IPRs, data quality & data privacy issues though a business brokerage framework.
Based on an early market analysis, the Total Addressable Market of AEGIS is up to $31bn (€27.1bn). AEGIS is able not only to capture a portion of the market size, but also to expand the pie through creating additional uncaptured value based on small data integration in typical big data repositories & algorithms. Based on the same analysis, the project will break even & will be viable from its launch (2020) & will have a ROI investment of EU-commission in the first years.