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Start Date: Nov 1, 2011

End Date: Oct 31, 2014

Budget: € 3.738.195

Launch Project

Occupant Aware Intelligent and Adaptive Enterprises

Adapt4EE aims at augmenting the contemporary architectural envelope by incorporating business and occupancy related information thus providing a holistic approach to the design and evaluation of the energy performance of construction products at an early stage and prior to their realization. 

Energy performance of construction products during operation heavily relies on three interrelated spatio-temporal groups of factors: construction assets and facilities, environmental conditions and occupant behavior.

Occupancy patterns in the domain of constructions of commercial use appear to be more complicated, involving multiple individuals, gatherings, single or collective movement patterns and different individual behaviors. Furthermore, in these same cases, occupancy patterns display high correlation with business episodes and respective everyday operations. Moreover, enterprises commonly experience changes in occupancy patterns and ad-hoc requirements due to sudden alterations in business processes as well as personal churns. To this end, it is of great benefit to accurately capture and analyze the information of such trends for applications in enterprise modelling and simulation. Detection of occupant presence has been applied extensively in built environments for applications such as demand-controlled ventilation and security, and occupancy profiles are widely used in building simulations. However, the ability to determine the actual number of occupants in a predefined space, or even more, patterns of occupant movement, is beyond the scope of current sensing techniques.

Adapt4EE aims to develop and validate a holistic energy performance evaluation framework that incorporates architectural metadata (BIM), critical business processes (BPM) and consequent occupant behavior patterns, enterprise assets and respective operations as well as overall environmental conditions. The Adapt4EE framework, having as a central point of reference the occupancy behavior (presence and movement) will align energy consumption points to all interrelated enterprise aspects (business processes, enterprise assets and utility state and operations).

Adapt4EE will develop an enhanced semantic enterprise model that treats, learns and manages the enterprise environment as an intelligent agent, perceives environmental state using multi-type sensors and information modalities. The Adapt4EE Model will incorporate business processes and occupancy data. It will also constitute a formal model for enterprise energy performance measuring, monitoring and optimization. The model will be calibrated during the training phase based on sensor data captured during operation and then applied and evaluated in real-life every day enterprise Operations. More specifically the Adapt4EE Enterprise Models will allow for the proactive identification of optimum local adaptations of enterprise utility operations, based on predictions of possible occupancy patterns and respective business operations and energy profiles.

To this end, Adapt4EE will deliver a holistic approach governing all aspects of construction products (assets and facilities, occupants and processes, environmental conditions), establishing a dynamic, enterprise-wide perspective on how well construction resources and occupant activities are aligned with business needs, allowing for a complete evaluation and optimization of overall construction product energy performance at an early design phase, prior to realization