Tittle arrow PLANET


Start Date: Nov 1, 2017

End Date: Oct 31, 2020

Budget: € 3.999.695

Launch Project

Planning and operational tools for optimising energy flows & synergies between energy networks

The PLANET solution is based on five core activity lines with several complementary activities supporting them. The main activities include:

  1. The modelling of conversion/storage technologies in order to enable planning, management and operation tools to properly account for their expected impact upon real deployment in the field. These technologies include:
    • Power-to-Gas (P2G)
    • Centralised and Local Power-to-Heat (P2H)
    • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
    • Virtual Energy Storage (VES)


  1. The simulation of the integration between electricity, gas and heat networks models, with conversion/storage technologies models, in order to understand how these conversions can affect network stability, reliability and responsiveness.


  1. The development of a holistic Decision Support System (DSS) that enables multi-grid operational planning and management considering synergies and energy flows between the electricity, gas and heat networks.


  1. Policy and market model impact assessment and exploration. Definition and promotion of proposals - punch-lists – for standardisation bodies


  1. Exploration and investigation of novel roles and business models